CSH liquid bulk division has a range of single and multi-pot stainless steel tankers for general, chemical and food stuff use

Both industry-standard stainless-steel barrels and rubber-lined barrels for specialist products, such as corrosive, hazardous or toxic loads, are available.



For specific customers we have innovated vehicles such as a draw-bar tanker combination with EPMS (Electronic Pump Metering System) that enables precise deliveries and is able to carry 28t or 22,000L split between trailer and prime mover in order to access hard to reach sites. We also have Iso-Container tankers and trailers at your disposal.

Ground Operated


All tankers are ground operated for improved user safety, baffled and can handle a broad range of liquids both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Bulk tankers


With constant evolution in the development of LGV’s we continue to invest annually in the safest, cleanest and most efficient vehicles, all feature the latest satellite tracking and safety systems



For enhanced safety all our tanker/tractor combinations are fitted with EBS (Electronic Braking Systems) and the majority of our trailers feature Stability Control and Roll Prevention systems.